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Rocket Flair Studios & PlaySide Publishing forge a new dynasty

Faithful subjects,

A new dynasty is set to rise! Rocket Flair Studios and PlaySide Publishing are set to reimagine the life and mythology of Ancient Egypt in [i]Dynasty of the Sands[/i] – set to hit PCs via Steam in Early Access in 2024.

PlaySide Studios has come on board to help Rocket Flair bring to life its meditative and dreamlike city builder, where every decision made reverberates through the realm and will have lasting repercussions.

As Pharaoh, players will need to navigate a multitude of dangers to keep their civilization and population alive, all while trying to balance the delicate whims of the Gods. Be warned! Players may suffer dire consequences if the divine are not kept happy.

You and you alone are the creator and protector of your society’s destiny. Help your Empire seamlessly run itself by creating laws and mandates, allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of building the mightiest of dynasties.

Discover and research technology, utilising these tools to transform your simple buildings into a majestic kingdom. Build grand pyramids that rival those of Giza to be blessed with powers from the Gods.

Traverse the map to discover points of interest, resources and flourishing flora and fauna that can be cultivated to build and expand your lands. Experience the dynamic environment of the desert, as you are exposed to the harsh elements, days tick by and the seasons turn.

Expect more info to be shared as we continue forging a path towards launch.

During our expedition into Early Access, stay up to date through our social channels where we will continue to share our development progress.

Until next time, may the favour of the Gods be on your side.

Dynasty of the Sands is available to Wishlist on Steam now!

Find out more about PlaySide Publishing on their official website.

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