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Dynasty of the Sands Dev Blog #4: An Ancient Egyptian Sandbox

Crafting the Open World of Ancient Egypt in "Dynasty of the Sands"

Faithful subjects,

Greetings, aspiring pharaohs! Today, we are delving again into our game's development and sharing insights into the creation of the expansive open world that is Dynasty of the Sands. Our goal is to provide you with an ancient Egyptian sandbox that's not only challenging, but visually stunning and a constant source of inspiration for your creativity.

The Grandeur of Ancient Egypt

First and foremost, a key goal for Dynasty of the Sands has been to capture the grandeur of Ancient Egypt. It's a world of contrasts—barren deserts stretching infinitely, lush oases along the banks of the mighty Nile, towering sandstone cliffs, and shimmering lakes that dot the landscape. Our team has put a real focus on capturing the essence of this historic setting, ensuring that every area of our game world immerses players in the beauty and mystique of the era.

Tailored Starting Locations

One of the features we had in mind from the start is the ability for players to choose their starting location within a single expansive map. Each location offers a distinct challenge based on its proximity to essential resources. Whether you decide to settle in the heart of the desert, near the fertile Nile banks, or on elevated sandstone cliffs, your initial choice will shape your city-building journey.

  • Desert Challenge: Starting deep within the desert presents a scarcity of resources, forcing you to master efficient resource management and trade routes early on.

  • River Nile Riches: Opting for a location along the Nile grants you access to fertile lands, but managing floods and maximizing agricultural output becomes your primary concern.

  • Cliffside Majesty: If you choose the challenge of the sandstone cliffs, you'll have the opportunity to create breathtaking vertical cities, but resource transportation and stability become your main obstacles.

Verticality and Creative Expression

Rare amongst city builders, Dynasty of the Sands offers players the ability to embrace the verticality and build cities in three dimensions. We understand the allure of crafting unique, multi-tiered cities, with grand statues adorning cliff edges, overseeing the hustle and bustle of your urban center below. Our terrain tools, including roads, stairs, flattening, and smoothing, empower you to shape the land exactly how you envision it. Whether you're building a towering pyramid or a cascading waterfall garden, your creative vision knows no bounds.

Terrain Tools for Infinite Possibilities

Our terrain tools are your paint brushes, enabling you to bring your vision for your city to life:

  • Roads: Construct intricate road networks that connect your city's different levels and allow for efficient movement.

  • Stairs: Carve majestic staircases into cliffs, creating awe-inspiring pathways to higher ground.

  • Flattening: Smooth out uneven terrain to optimize construction space.

  • Smoothing: Craft natural-looking landscapes by gently sculpting the terrain, creating serene gardens and decorative elements.

A World of Challenges and Beauty

In Dynasty of the Sands, we've strived to offer not just a game, but a captivating world to explore, conquer, and shape. Each location provides unique challenges, from resource scarcity to environmental factors, and it's up to you to turn these challenges into opportunities. Whether you're navigating the deserts, harnessing the power of the Nile, or ascending towering cliffs, our game world is a canvas for your epic Egyptian adventure.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the creation of our game's open world. We can't wait to see the magnificent cities you'll build and the stories you'll craft in [i]Dynasty of the Sands.[/i] Stay tuned for more developer insights and updates as we continue to shape this exciting ancient Egyptian sandbox.

Until next time, aspiring pharaohs, may your dynasties rise to greatness.

Dynasty of the Sands is available to Wishlist on Steam now!

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