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Dynasty of the Sands Dev Blog #2: The Silent Adversary

Faithful subjects,

In our last entry, we introduced the Death System and how that gameplay element marries with Ancient Egyptian customs. In today’s development blog, we will be exploring

Dynasty of the Sands’ Disease mechanic and how that connects together with the Death System.

Ancient Egypt was a land of grandeur and opulence, where the sands whispered secrets of the Pharaohs, but amidst this the Egyptians faced many trials and tribulations. Amongst these struggles were the ever-present threats of disease that could strike anyone down, from workers in the mud pits, to the mightiest of the elite. Disease spares no one from its relentless grasp.


Through the life-giving Nile Valley, where Dynasty of the Sands is set, disease has a significant impact on society. Although the river that courses through the valley nurtures crops and nourishes the people, it can often beckon illness to its banks as well.

Historically, some of the prevalent ailments included malaria, parasitic infections, leprosy, and other infectious illnesses such as pox. If the diseases were not contained and continued to spread unchecked, it could quickly wreak havoc on both individuals and entire communities.

Disease in Dynasty of the Sands is an ever-present threat, but its danger can be mitigated and overcome.


Within the realm of your kingdom, four afflictions are ever present, each capable of destroying your civilisation.

  • Fever - Beware of flies, as they can infect workers at farms, hunters and wood cutters. Fever can only be transmitted by flies and villagers cannot infect others.

  • Debuff: Infected Villager eats 2x food.

  • Leprosy - This deadly disease can affect anyone and is contracted in crowded conditions. Spreads rapidly in close contact between citizens.

  • Pox - Life-threatening Pox can be contracted from animal sources, drinking from unclean water and crowded conditions. Transmits between villagers and causes significant health loss.

  • Debuff: Infected Villager drinks 2x water.

  • Parasites - Parasites can infect those who drink from unclean water sources, or toil away in the Farm and Mud Pit. The rate at which it spreads is slower but transmits between villagers.

  • Debuff: Infected Villager movement speed is halved.


Each disease possesses unique characteristics that can be a catalyst to an outbreak. Villagers toiling away to collect resources are often the most susceptible to these afflictions. A simple act of drinking from open water sources immediately increases the risk of infection. Ensure you seek favour with the divine, to assist in averting any potential outbreak threats.

While certain perils are unavoidable, players possess the power to reduce the likelihood of epidemics.

When a disease begins to ravage the population, it is treated as an 'Outbreak'. This appears as an in-game event. To guide you through the treacherous landscape of this scenario, the event pop-up provides information about the disease, its effects and how to prevent it.

An Outbreak has a threshold of the number of transmissions it can spread, after which it will eventually die out, whether intervened upon or left to its own course. This prevents transmission from getting out of hand and compromising the player's experience. Nevertheless, for any aspiring Pharaoh, disease is still a dangerous matter and should be treated as a formidable adversary.

Various methods can be employed to contain and prevent Outbreaks. The placement of Healer buildings can significantly decrease the likelihood of Outbreaks occurring. Apothecaries reduce the likelihood of Parasites and Fever, while an Infection Ward is best suited for preventing Pox and Leprosy.

By creating a strategic network of buildings that can aid against various afflictions, your civilization will be kept safe, as the appropriate healers bestow their protection against the threat of Disease.


In our next developer blog, we'll be delving into the Milestones and Objectives System and how that intertwines with an array of gameplay elements.

May the protection of Ra safeguard you until our next encounter.

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