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Dynasty of the Sands Dev Blog #3: Milestones and Objectives

Faithful subjects,

“Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Will you embrace ambition? Or will it destroy you?

Today’s development blog will explore Dynasty of the Sands’s Milestone and Objectives system and how it enables players to shape both their civilization and gameplay experience.


At its core, Dynasty of the Sands is a survival city builder – but one major goal for the development team is to put the heka and nekhakha of a Pharaoh firmly in the player’s hands. This means an open-ended, sandbox approach to progression that allows players to truly create their own Dynasty in ancient Egypt. Long term goals will be layered with plenty of player choice, meaning that each playthrough will offer different challenges that can be tackled in a variety of different ways, laddering up to meaningful achievements that affect your civilization as whole.


As you progress through the establishment of your city, you have the option of working towards and completing Milestones.

Each era in the game has three Milestones to choose from, each highlighting a particular player focus:

The People

The Pharaoh

The Gods

These are not exclusive, as almost every playthrough will involve elements from each of these broad categories. You can also complete any Milestone in any era, regardless of the path you have chosen before.

Milestone Tasks

In order to complete a Milestone, and advance to a new Era, you must complete the tasks associated with that Milestone. Completion of these tasks unlocks a Milestone Building project.

Milestone buildings are constructed in three stages, each requiring labor and resources to construct.

These towering monuments will advance you to a new Era, and provide some of the most powerful buffs in the game.

Event System

Dynasty of the Sands doesn't employ a traditional linear narrative, instead inviting players to create their own story set on the banks of the great River Nile.

To add to the depth of this experience, players can expect an emergent event system that tracks a range of variables to act as a storyteller during your experience.

Some Emergent Events create interesting and often difficult choices. Others create challenging scenarios, such as a particularly bad disease outbreak.

Emergent events can follow on from one another, creating chains of escalating decisions for you to make.

Some Emergent Events can also lead to objectives. For example, accepting a villager’s request to improve their housing will commence an objective, which might need to be completed in a certain number of days. Objective events can reward the player with crucial resources, villagers, and more.

However, failure to succeed may result in even worse outcomes…


Keep an eye out for our next developer blog in the weeks to come.

May the protection of Ra safeguard you until our next encounter.

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